Summer school

Date: Fri, 9 Jun 89 15:53:47 BST
To: fp%information-systems.east-anglia.ac.uk@nsfnet-relay.ac.uk,

``Logic for IT'' Initiative and SERC sponsored Summer School on

Kelvin Conference Centre, Glasgow, 17--23 September 1989

The programme will consist of five courses:

  Polymorphic lambda calculus			Thierry Coquand
  Calculus of constructions			Rod Burstall
  Linear logic					Yves Lafont
  Category theory and polymorphism		Philip Wadler
  Category theory and abstract interpretation	John Hughes

together with several guest speakers and tutorial activities.  Some
time will be reserved for talks on more advanced research topics by
lecturers and attendees.  The school is organised by Philip Wadler,
Harold Simmons, and Martin Hyland.

This meeting aims to bring together and stimulate interaction between
the functional programming, category theory, and type theory
communities.  The lectures will be pitched at graduate students, young
lecturers, and established researchers in any one of these fields
who wish to learn about the other two.

There will be no charge for SERC-sponsored students.  For other
academic participants the total charge will be 250 pounds, and for
industrial participants 400 pounds.

Lodging and meals are included at no extra cost.  Attendees will be
expected to arrive the evening of Sunday the 17'th, and have their
choice of leaving on the evening of Friday the 22'nd or the morning of
Saturday the 23'rd.

There are only a limited number of places available and these are
likely to be heavily oversubscribed.  Intending participants should
apply before 15 July to:

	FPCL School
	Department of Computing Science
	University of Glasgow
	Glasgow, G12 8QQ

Send your name, address, phone number, e-mail address (if any),
and your SERC research student number (if your are a SERC-sponsored student)
or a cheque for the fee made out to FPCL School (if your are not).
Please do *not* respond by e-mail.