Distributed Data
(CIS 700/1, Spring 2002)

Schedule of Discussions

date topic main reading supplemental reading leader
Jan 7 course overview and logistics     Pierce
Jan 9 file systems (review) Hennessy and Patterson; McKusick et al. Thompson Pierce
Jan 14 log-structured file systems Rosenblum and Ousterhout McVoy and Kleiman Yang
Jan 16 transactions (review) Bernstein, Hadzilacos, and Goodman, chapter 2   Yang
Jan 21 MLK day: no class      
Jan 23 ``advanced transactions'' Barghouti and Kaiser, sections 5 and 6 Weikum and Vossen, chapter 3 Yang
Jan 28 the vnode API Kleiman   Yang
Jan 30 semantic file systems Gifford et al.   Rao
Feb 4 distributed file systems Satyanarayanan chapter (to 14.4) & Sandberg et al. Satyanarayanan survey Pizzaro
Feb 6 distributed file systems Liskov et al. & Nelson et al.   Bernadskiy
Feb 11 distributed databases Davidson et al.   Yang
Feb 13 Coda Satyanarayanan (14.5 to end) & Kistler and Satya   Chaudhuri
Feb 18 Locus Walker et al. Mueller et al. Yang
Feb 20 gossiping and epidemics Demers et al. (93) & Fischer and Michael   Pierce
Feb 25 Ficus Guy et al. Guy et al. (90), Page et al. Rao
Feb 27 optimistic ADTs Herlihy   Pizzaro
Mar 4 Freenet Clarke et al. Kazaa, Morpheus, Gnutella LaBouliere
Mar 6 Mariposa   project proposals Stonebraker et al. Miller and Drexler Segall
Mar 11 Spring break: no class      
Mar 13 Spring break: no class      
Mar 18 Unison Balasubramaniam and Pierce (plus newer Unison spec) Ramsey and Csirmaz, Jim et al Bernadskiy
Mar 20 Fileteller and DiscFS Ioannidis et al, Miltchev et al   Ioannidis (guest)
Mar 25 Bayou Edwards et al. Terry et al., (two papers) Chaudhuri
Mar 27 IceCube   mid-term reports Kermarrec et al.   Rao
Apr 1 more on merging Munson and Dewan   Pizzaro
Apr 3 diff and diff3 Myers diff3 sources Bernadskiy
Apr 8 3DM Lindholm, chapters 9-11 (skim others) Tancred, chapters 6-8 LaBouliere
Apr 10 project presentations -   Chaudhuri
Apr 15 project presentations -    
Apr 17 presentations - (last class)    
Apr 20 no class, but final projects due     -