(Extremely) tentative schedule:

Date Topic Reading (before class)
Sep. 8 Overview and introductions; introduction to subtyping; the simply typed lambda-calculus with subtyping (lambda-sub); basic metatheory of lambda-sub  
Sep 13 Review of System F; introduction to System Fsub TAPL Chapters 15, 16, 23
Sep 15 Fsub and its metatheory TAPL Chapter 26 (and, time permitting, start on 28)
Sep 20 No class (ICFP)
Sep 23 No class (ICFP)
Sep 27 More on Fsub metatheory TAPL Chapter 28 and Pierce, Fsub is Undecidable
Sep 29 Undecidability of Fsub  
Oct 4 Higher-order subtyping (System F-omega-sub) TAPL chapters 29, 30, 31
Oct 6 Higher-order subtyping  
Oct 11 Object encodings TAPL Chapter 32
Oct 13 Object encodings Comparing Object Encodings, by Bruce, Cardelli, and Pierce
Oct 18 Recursive types and subtyping TAPL, Chapter 20
Oct 20 Recursive types and subtyping TAPL, Chapter 21
Oct 25 (no class -- Fall break)  
Oct 27 Recursive types and subtyping  
Nov 1 (guest lecture -- Nate Foster)  
Nov 3 (guest lecture -- Geoff Washburn)  
Nov 8 (guest lecture -- Didier Remy)  
Nov 10 Intersection types no reading
Nov 15 Denotational Semantics Notes on Denotational Semantics by Hofmann and Pierce
Nov 17 Guest lecture: Greg Morrisett  
Nov 22 Denotational Semantics  
Nov 24 (No Class -- Thanksgiving Wednesday)  
Nov 29 Denotational Semantics  
Dec 1 Great works  
Dec 6 Great works  
Dec 8 Great works