native2ascii - Native-to-ASCII Converter

Converts a file with native-encoded characters (characters which are non-Latin 1 and non-Unicode) to one with Unicode-encoded characters.


native2ascii [options] [inputfile [outputfile]]


The Java compiler and other Java tools can only process files which contain Latin-1 and/or Unicode-encoded (\udddd notation) characters. native2ascii converts files which contain other character encodings into files containing Latin-1 and/or Unicode-encoded charaters.

If outputfile is omitted, standard output is used for output. If, in addition, inputfile is omitted, standard input is used for input.


Perform the reverse operation: convert a file with Latin-1 and/or Unicode encoded characters to one with native-encoded characters.

-encoding encoding_name
Specify the encoding name which is used by the conversion procedure. The default encoding is taken from System property file.encoding. This encoding_name string must be one that can be passed as the argument of class CharacterEncoding.

8859_1 ISO Latin-1
8859_2 ISO Latin 2
8859_3 ISO Latin-3
8859_5 ISO Latin/Cyrillic
8859_6 ISO Latin/Arabic
8859_7 ISO Latin/Greek 8859_8 ISO Latin/Hebrew
8859_9 ISO Latin-5
Cp1250 Windows Eastern Europe / Latin-2
Cp1251 Windows Cyrillic
Cp1252 Windows Western Europe / Latin-1
Cp1253 Windows Greek
Cp1254 Windows Turkish
Cp1255 Windows Hebrew
Cp1256 Windows Arabic
Cp1257 Windows Baltic
Cp1258 Windows Vietnamese
Cp437 PC Original
Cp737 PC Greek
Cp775 PC Baltic
Cp850 PC Latin-1
Cp852 PC Latin-2
Cp855 PC Cyrillic
Cp857 PC Turkish
Cp860 PC Portuguese
Cp861 PC Icelandic
Cp862 PC Hebrew
Cp863 PC Canadian French
Cp864 PC Arabic
Cp865 PC Nordic
Cp866 PC Russian
Cp869 PC Modern Greek
Cp874 Windows Thai
MacArabic Macintosh Arabic
Macintosh Latin-2
MacCroatian Macintosh Croation
MacCyrillic Macintosh Cyrillic
MacDingbat Macintosh Dingbat
MacGreek Macintosh Greek
MacHebrew Macintosh Hebrew
MacIceland Macintosh Iceland
MacRoman Macintosh Roman
MacRomania Macintosh Romania
MacSymbol Macintosh Symbol
MacThai Macintosh Thai
MacTurkish Macintosh Turkish
MacUkraine Macintosh Ukraine
SJIS PC and Windows Japanese
UTF8 Standard UTF-8