Resources and Errata for
Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages

Edited by Benjamin C. Pierce

The authors of some of the chapters maintain individual web pages for errata and for resources such as typechecker implementations. Please contact the authors directly with questions and/or further errata.

    1. Substructural Type Systems, by David Walker
    2. Dependent Types, by David Aspinall and Martin Hofmann
    3. Effect Types and Region-Based Memory Management, by Fritz Henglein, Henning Makholm, and Henning Niss
    4. Typed Assembly Language, by Greg Morrisett
    5. Proof-Carrying Code, by George Necula
    6. Logical Relations and a Case Study in Equivalence Checking, by Karl Crary
    7. Typed Operational Reasoning, by Andrew Pitts
    8. Design Considerations for ML-Style Module Systems, by Robert Harper and Benjamin C. Pierce
    9. Type Definitions, By Christopher A. Stone
    10. The Essence of ML Type Inference, by François Pottier and Didier Rémy