Call for Papers

                The Third International Workshop on
             Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages
                             FOOL 3

                        July 24-25, 1996
                    New Brunswick, New Jersey
                 Held in conjunction with LICS '96 
                 and the Federated Logic Conference

While object-oriented programming languages have swept the programming
community over the last decade, it has taken longer for the language
theory community to develop sound theoretical foundations for these
languages.  However, work over the last several years has provided
a better understanding of the key concepts of object-oriented
languages, and has led to important developments in the type theory,
semantics, and verification of object-oriented languages.  This
workshop is designed to bring together researchers to share new
ideas and results.

The first two workshops in this series were sponsored jointly by the NSF 
and ESPRIT.  They were open by invitation only, with the first held in
association with the American Types Jumelage in October, 1993, at 
Stanford University, and the second held in association with LICS '94 
in Paris.  A report on the first two meetings appeared in ACM SIGPLAN 
Notices, March, 1994, pp. 3-11 and February, 1995, pp. 5-11.  Both
are also available through the FOOL home page at

FOOL 3 will be held immediately before  LICS '96 and the Federated Logic 
Conference in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  The workshop will be held at the 
Hyatt-Regency Hotel in New Brunswick.

Unlike the first two workshops, this workshop will be open, and
submissions are invited in the general area of theoretical foundations 
of object-oriented languages.  The range of topics includes semantics,
calculi, type theory, and program verification of object-oriented 
languages.  We also welcome contributions on foundational issues
related to concurrent and distributed object-oriented languages.

Program Committee:

  Kim Bruce, Williams College (Chair)
  Luca Cardelli, DEC-SRC
  Giuseppe Castagna, CNRS & Ecole Normale Superieure
  Cliff Jones, Manchester University
  Giuseppe Longo, CNRS & Ecole Normale Superieure
  John Mitchell, Stanford University
  Benjamin Pierce, Cambridge University
  Didier Remy, INRIA

Local Arrangements:
  Jon Riecke, Bell Laboratories


We solicit submissions on original research not published or accepted for
publication elsewhere.  Extended abstracts not to exceed 2500 words 
(approximately 5 pages) should be submitted to the program chair by Monday, 
April 1, 1996.  We prefer to receive electronic copies of the submissions.
Electronic copies in postscript and formatted for US letter size paper should
be e-mailed to  If electronic submission is 
impossible, 9 copies of the abstract should be mailed to:

   Prof. Kim Bruce
   FOOL Workshop
   Department of Computer Science
   200 Bronfman Science Center
   Williams College
   Williamstown, MA 01267
All submissions must be received by midnight on April 1, 1996.
(Please do not submit papers before March 1 as the proper software will
not be installed until then.)  The cover page should include a return postal 
address and an electronic mail address (if possible).  
Authors will be notified of acceptance of their paper by May 15, 1996.

A world-wide web page will be created and made available as an informal
electronic conference proceedings.  An eventual
journal issue devoted to selected papers, following the usual journal
refereeing process, is under discussion.  Since the main focus in selecting 
workshop contributions will be the intrinsic interest and timeliness of the 
work, authors are encouraged to submit position papers and descriptions of
work in progress as well as finished papers.

Final copies of accepted papers for the electronic proceedings will be due
on June 21.

Correspondence and questions should be sent to 
or to the address above.  Please do not send question to fool-submit as
mail to that account will be handled automatically by a script.