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  Penn Researchers navigate the complex computations of single-cell genomics
Zack Ives, Professor and Markowitz Faculty Fellow in the Department of Computer and Information Science and Junhyong Kim, Patricia M. Williams Term Professor of Biology, are designing a computer software program that can handle the intense amount of data management involved in single-cell genomics and other genome
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  Penn Helps Develop Algorithm Aimed at Combating Science's Reproducibility Problem
Aaron Roth, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science, is developing new mining tools that can help tell when they have unearthed a nugget of truth, or what amounts to fool’s gold: a correlation that seems to have predictive value but actually does not because it results just from random chance.
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  Visualizing the Future of Robotics
By developing algorithms that will allow robots to efficiently recognize objects so that they can respond to commands, Camillo Jose Taylor, professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science, has his sights set on making them even smarter.
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  Two Penn Engineers Named 2015 Sloan Fellows
Penn Engineering professors Jennifer Phillips-Cremins and Aaron Roth, Raj and Neera Singh Assistant Professor, are amongst this year's Sloan Research Fellowship recipients. Since 1955, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has granted yearly fellowships to early-career scientists and scholars whose achievements and potential identify them the next generation of scientific leaders.

PennHacks and Computer Engineering at Penn


Brainchild of students from the Computer Engineering program known as "the Architechs," PennHacks is where students engage in coding, soldering, wiring, sensing, actuating and creating. Watch it!

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Current NETS students explain Networked and Social Systems


You may know the term "NETS" but, are you still wondering what it really means? Watch as current Networked and Social Systems students explain. 
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xLAB: Experience Design & Technology Lab


With processing power and internet connectivity increasing, people don’t just learn how to use the latest in technology—that technology actually learns right back. Watch it!

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