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  • Family: My wife Long is doing a postdoc at the National Institute of Health. Most of both of our relatives are on the West Coast, including our new niece Elissa. My brother Aeron is the only relative with a Web presence; he just joined the faculty at The College of the Redwoods. He'll be getting married this year.

  • Christianity and the Bible: I strongly believe that science explains some of the mechanisms and rules of the universe, but not the reasons for its existence.  Random chance seems insufficient to produce such an ordered universe -- I cannot believe there was no Creator.

  • Classical music: We occasionally visit the Philadelphia Orchestra

  • Casual hiking: Seattle was fantastic for hiking. I'm still looking for a good place to hike here on the East Coast.

  • History has become a recent interest... Particularly early American history, ancient history, and 14th-16th Century history (when both the Europeans and Chinese were exploring the world).

  • Learning Mandarin, or at least trying to!

  • Basketball: I am happy to play against students as well!

  • Photography and Videography, mostly digital (though I am definitely an amateur hobbyist and not a skilled professional).