# README file -- Synchronous TAG extension to the XTAG system (Stag)

To load up the Stag system run:

% /mnt/linc/xtag/work/xtag/bin/Stag

Load up a source grammar by selecting [Transfer | from] from the Xtag menu. A sample English grammar resides in:


Load up a target grammar by selecting [Transfer | to]. A sample French grammar is in:


It doesn't matter which grammar is selected to be source or target. You can flip the direction with [Transfer | reverse direction].

Load up a synchronous mapping between the two grammars by selecting [Transfer | load transfer defns]. A sample is in:


Finally, you can type in a sentence to be transferred using the synchronous mapping by selecting [Transfer | transfer sentence].

For the English-French Synchronous TAG grammar sample sentences with expected outputs are in: