Program Files

All files are in the directory /mnt/linc/extra/xtag/work/gprigent/transfer/.

The file ld-transfer.lisp load all files for the transfer module:

Some auxiliary files, not loaded by ld-transfer.lisp:

Other files are prefixed with new-. These files are not used in the current state of the implementation but could be used by extensions (in general, it is a partial implementation of some features).

Test Data Files


For testing, I use two grammars, one for French, completely defined in directory francais/, and loaded by file francais/francais2.gram, and one for English, loaded by the file english/english2.gram, which uses different parts of an english demo grammar.


The transfer data files are in the directory transfer-data/, and are loaded by the file def-franglish.lisp:

The last file contains examples of sentences that I have tried, their results with the current transfer data, and some comments when something goes wrong:


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