Re: [xtag-meeting]: Reminder: XTAG meeting on Th, Sept 12, 10h30, fishbowl

I have been hoping to come to the meeting Thursday, but
based on how beat I was after yesterday its probably
better if I miss it.

But I'd like to vote for compositional semantics, possibly
producing VerbNet predicates, as a topic for this year,
and also synchronous TAGs for translation.  Maybe some
additional study of the Korean/English MT system, and
the pros and cons of an STAG approach for that, and  how
to start moving towards statistical STAGs.

Statistical STAG's were being touted as the hottest new
trend for statistical MT at both the DARPA TIDES meeting and the JHU
Workshop wrap up.  And both times by Mitch's former
students (Dan Melamed and Jason Eisner).  :-)


At 05:38 PM 9/10/02 -0400, Carlos A. Prolo wrote:
>Our meetings now come back to Thursdays, 10h30, in the fishbowl/IRCS
>(let me know if that's not convenient for you).
>This Thursday, Sept. 12, we are having an organizatinal meeting. 
>Bring ideas of how you would like to see it shaped this semester, 
>what you want to see covered/discussed, etc.