Re: [xtag-meeting]: Question supertagging

> Hi everyone,
> Three quick questions from Pierre Boullier :
> -Apart from Srini's, are there any other supertaggers implemented ?
> -If so, does anyone have a reference or know someone we could ask ?

John Chen implemented one a couple of years ago. He has a paper in some conf, 
probably on his website as well. Recently, John, Srini and Mike Collins have 
used re-ranking to improve on an existing supertagger (either John's or a 
newly implemented one) -- the results were reported in TAG+ in Venice. 

More recently, Libin Shen (2nd year student of Joshi's) has new numbers on 
supertagging that beat previous results. His email is libin@linc.

> -Has there been any attempt to do rule-based supertagging ?

I think Srini tried to use Transformation Based Learning for supertagging. It 
was infeasible with the existing Brill implementation due to memory and time 
overruns as far as I can remember. I think he probably has a line in this 
thesis saying this.


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