[xtag-meeting]: Meeting Thu, Jun 25: Metarules (COLING practice talk, etc.)

At the XTAG meeting this Thursday, Jun 27, I will talk about 
the generation of the XTAG grammar using metarules.

The first part will be a practice talk for the COLING (abstract follows).
That means that things will be organized in a higher level.
Then, if time allows, we can get down to some details, discussion, 
depending on the participants' interests. In particular I want to discuss 
the current mismatches between the existing and generated grammar.



We discuss a grammar development process used to generate the trees 
of the wide-coverage Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammar (LTAG) for English
of the XTAG Project. Result of the coupling of Becker's metarules
and a simple yet principled hierarchy of rule application, the approach
has been successful to generate the large set of verb trees in the grammar, 
from a very small initial set of trees.