[xtag-meeting]: This week: Alexandra Kinyon

XTAG Meeting: 10:30am, 06/13/2002, IRCS Fishbowl.

This week Alexandra Kinyon will talk about XTAG and Metagrammars. Her talk 
abstract follows.

Replicating the Xtag grammar for English using a MetaGrammar

In this talk, I will describe work in progress which aims at automatically 
generating a replication of the Xtag grammar for English, as it is described 
in the Xtag technical report. The grammar is currently partially generated 
using the MetaGrammar tool described in (Gaiffe and Crabbe, 2002).

I will address the following points, and hope that you can help me find 
answers to some of those questions:

- Can a MetaGrammar implementation of Xtag ease grammar maintenance ?
- Can the MetaGrammar be used for Hypertagging  in order to obtain high level 
syntactic descriptions of lexical items ?
- Can a MetaGrammar approach be coupled with the MetaRule approach presented 
in (Prolo 2002) ?
- Can a MetaGrammar representation be helpful for integrating semantics into 
Xtag ?
- Can a MetaGrammar representation be of any use for parsing ?

I will also discuss some of the problems encountered while encoding the MG, 
such as the problem of exponentiality of the generating algorithm, and the 
lack of "standard" format for TAG related tools.

Finally, if there is enough time, I will propose a classification of four 
grammar development strategies based on the two distinction:

- "hand-written" versus "automatically acquired" grammars
- "low level of syntactic abstraction" versus "high level of syntactic