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Can you forward this to the interested parties for me, please.

>From Jackendoff 1990, "Semantic Structures", pp61-2:

``There are other cases where two NPs in the sentence seem to have the
same theta-role. Here are three (POINTED OUT BY GRUBER (1965, SECTION 7.3)
and by Richard Carter in talks at MIT, fall 1984):

4.	a. The box has books in it.
	b. Bill brought/carried some books with him.
	c. The list includes my name on it.

In 4a, THE BOX and IT do not appear to have distinct theta-roles; notice
the apparent synonymy with THERE ARE BOOKS IN THE BOX, where this
participant in the state is expressed only once. Notice also that it is
impossible to question the object of the preposition (*WHAT DOES THE BOX
HAVE BOOKS IN?), as would be expected, given that it is necessarily
coreferential with the subject. The object of the preposition is also
curious in that it cannot be a reflexive (*THE BOX HAS BOOKS IN ITSELF),
even though for all the usual structural reasons it ought to be (Wilkins
1988 ["Thematic structure and reflexivization" in Syntax and
Semantics, volume 21, Academic Press] proposes an analysis on which I am
not prepared to make a judgment at this point).

Similar considerations apply to (4b,c), ... ''


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