[xtag-meeting]: meeting this thursady, Apr 18

We meet at the usual place (IRCS fishbowl), usual time (10:30 a.m.)

Cassie Creswell will be talking about resumptive pronouns and how to handle
them with TAGs. Her abstract follows.


Resumptive pronouns, wh-island violations,
and a TAG-based model of sentence production

In spontaneous speech, English speakers produce relative clauses whose
structures violate wh-island constraints but where resumptive pronouns
appear in place of the gap/trace normally found in a relative clause.  It
is difficult to explain these island-violation remedying resumptive
pronouns in a model of sentence production where only grammatically-
licensed trees are available to the speaker's production
system.  This paper argues that the only explanation for these
island-violating relative clauses in such a model of sentence production
is that they are fully grammatical constructions, whose marginal status
reflects non-syntactic factors.