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Subject: Announcement: Dissertation Proposal Defense - Carlos Prolo 


Dissertation Proposal Defense - Carlos Prolo

Date, Time and Place:
   Thursday Feb 28, 9 a.m., Towne 319

   LR parsing for Tree Adjoining Grammars
   and its application to corpus-based natural language parsing

   Mitch Marcus,
   Giorgio Satta, Universit di Padova, Italy
   Robin Clark
   Jean Gallier

   Aravind K. Joshi


This thesis develops the formal aspects of LR parsing for Tree Adjoining
Grammars(TAGs) and investigates its application to natural language
best-parse parsing.

It is argued that the combination of TAGs and the LR technique is beneficial
to both sides. On the one hand, starting from the observation that the rich
descriptions provided by Tree Adjoining Grammars are better suited to the
description of natural languages than Context Free Grammars, we look for an
efficient parsing algorithm that gives a single analysis per sentence.

On the other direction, the LR technique is argued to benefit from the rich
descriptive power of the Tree Adjoining Grammars, leading to better parsing
accuracy than when aplied to Context Free Grammars.


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