[xtag-meeting]: Thursday 10:30am Nov 29th (IRCS Fishbowl)

This week we will discuss the following paper:

A Minimalist Implementation of Verb Subcategorization
 Sourabh Niyogi   

Here is a link to the parser and associated paper:


If you can, you should download the parser and look at the
verbs in the lexicon and associated semantics.

If you feel you need some background reading, here are
a couple of papers that you can skim through to understand
some of the formal details in the above paper. This is
not essential to understanding the paper.

Edward Stabler (1997) Derivational minimalism.
Revised version appears in Retoré, ed. Logical Aspects of Computational 
Linguistics. Springer, 1997, pages 68-95.

Ken Hale and Samuel Jay Keyser. On argument structure and the lexical 
expression of syntactic relations. In Hale and Keyser (eds.) The View from 
Building 20: A Festschrift for Sylvain Bromberger. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press 
1993. Pp. 53-108.