[xtag-meeting]: Some answers on RCGs

I have asked some of your questions to Pierre Boullier, and here are his answers
(translated from French) :

1-  Did you use the entire Xtag lexicon to compare INRIA's parser and Anoop's ?
PB : Yes

2-How does one chose a "good" guide to do guided parsing
PB : It is still a bit early to answer, but most likely a "good" guide will depend
on the grammar and on the source.
Having said this, and having tried parsing with other grammars (esp. the large FTAG
grammar for French from Paris 7), it is not impossible to find
one or more types of guides which yield good results

3- What is the link between RCG and Linear Context Free Rewriting Systems ?
PB : LCFRS, MCFG (multiple context-free grammars) and MC-TAG are equivalent. I have
shown that LCFRS and MC-TAG may be transformed into equivalent sRCGs ("simple"
For MCFG, the transformation should not be problematic, but I haven't written
anything on this topic