[xtag-meeting]: meeting this thursday: 10:30am IRCS fishbowl

Hi. After our hiatus, the xtag meeting will resume at the IRCS fishbowl
on Thurs Sep. 13th at 10:30am

We will have a bout of organizational discussions about projects
currently underway.

After this, the plan is to discuss in detail a classic paper by
Schabes and Shieber called "An Alternative Conception of Tree Adjoining

        author  = "Yves Schabes and Stuart Shieber",
        year    = "1994",
        journal = "Computational Linguistics",
        number  = "1",
        pages   = "91-124",
        title   = "An Alternative Conception of Tree-Adjoining Derivation",
        volume  = "20"

The proposal in that paper has consequences for getting semantics from
derivation trees, parsing the XTAG grammar, statistical parsing and
grammar extraction from Treebanks.

The goal in this meeting will be to distribute copies of the paper
to those who don't have one -- and to lay the ground work for further
discussion of this paper next week.

For those who want a copy of the paper right away, you can get it from me
(room 464 at IRCS).