[xtag-meeting]: XTAG meeting: Thurs 26 July -- **New Location**

XTAG Meeting:
Time: 10:30am Thursday 26 July
**New Location** IRCS Large Conference Room

It's demo week for the XTAG meeting. Moses Kimanzi will demo the
new parser interface and derivation forest browser he has been 
working on. 

It has a spanking new graphical client/server architecture that 
will let us run the interface to the parser on any OS (like 
Windows) which can then connect to the parser over the network 
which is running on Linux or Solaris.

We would like comments on the usability of the interface.

The things we hope to demo in the new interface are:

* connecting to a parser server
* parsing single sentences or entire files
* browsing the parser output
* setting up the parser with user-defined preferences
* picking one parse from the parser output and saving it
* viewing feature structures and related issues
* debugging the parse output by collapsing/expanding parse nodes