XTAG meeting: Thurs, June 8, 2000

This week we'll have a couple of demonstrations of some new XTAG
components. These components are not in their final stage, but comments
from the people who will be using these tools will be very useful, both
as feedback on the work done so far and also to guide their future

The two demos will be given by Moses Kimanzi and Eric Kow, two
undergraduate students who have been working for the XTAG project. More
details follow:

1. Moses Kimanzi will demo an interactive forest viewer. As most of you
know, the new parser produces a derivation forest as the output of
parsing a sentence. This forest is a packed representation of all the
derivations produced for this sentence. The viewer can be used to
explore the derivation trees and derived trees stored in the forest
interactively by the user. This can be useful in picking the right
derivation for a sentence without a tedious search of all the

2. Eric Kow will demo a replacement for the old XTAG grammar
development interface.  It allows the grammar developer to add new
trees and families to the grammar. Addition of trees works in a way
similar to the old XTAG interface by clicking to insert nodes and
connecting nodes using the mouse.

Time: 10:30am
Place: IRCS fishbowl
Date: Thurs, June 8, 2000