XTAG meeting on May 18, 10:30am

there will be two practice talks for the TAG+ workshop, by
David Chiang and Chunghye Han. Please see the abstracts below.

Also, for your information, there will be some other practice talks at
CLUNCH. Another message will follow soon about this.

10:30 - 11:15:
Chunghye Han - Customizing the XTAG System for Efficient Grammar
Development for Korean
This paper addresses linguistic and implementation problems for a
practical LTAG parser raised by rich morphology in Korean.  We propose a
way of representing the Korean inflectional system as feature structures
in lexicalized elementary trees, and describe our implemented
modifications on the XTAG system for a more efficient grammar development
for Korean.

David Chiang - Some remarks on an extension of synchronous TAG
We explore some properties of the synchronous formalism introduced in
Dras (Dras99), showing that it handles an interaction, noted 
in Schuler (Schuler99), between bridge and raising verbs which 
is problematic for synchronous TAG. We also show that it has greater 
formal power than synchronous TAG and discuss its computational


- Rashmi