XTAG meeting this Thursday, January 27th, 10:30am

TAG Semantics Session:

Last semester, we read some of the relevant background papers on the
treatment of semantics in TAG. We still have at least two more papers that
we decided to read. I've listed the one for this week below (copies are
available at the readings stand at IRCS): 

Aravind K. Joshi and K. Vijay Shanker (1999). "Compositional semantics
        with lexicalized tree-adjoining grammar (LTAG):  How much
        underspecification is necessary?" 
        In Proceedings of the Third International
        Workshop on Computational Semantics (IWCS-3), Tilburg, The
        January 1999, 131-145. 

We will also be attempting to compare the different approaches that we
have seen so far and begin to think about how much and what is
amenable to implementation. 

See you Thursday,