Summary from XTAG meeting on 10-29-98

I. We decided that the articulated structure of PP that now exists in the
Tnx0Vnx1pnx2 is unnecessary. So rather than having a P substitution site and an
NP substitution site, we will have a PP substitution site. 

The motivation for this is that we want exhaustive PPs like "there" to be able
to substitute into this slot. With the articulated PP structure in the
elementary tree, this was not possible.

The only place where the articulated structure is needed and thus will remain
is in wh-trees where the NP is extracted from the PP (this is so we can
co-index the wh NP and the NP position from which it was "extracted"). 

The Tnx0Vnx1tonx2 family will remain as it is with the articulated structure.

II. We need to implement a featural way to restrict ambiguities involving the
ordering of right-adjoining adverbials and auxiliary verbs (and their traces)
-- which both adjoin to VP.

III. The question arose whether "ahead of" is a multi-word P versus an adverb
(ahead) modifying a PP (of NP). I will look to see what past documentation says
about these -- what the tests are, etc.

IV. Can PPs left-adjoin to questions? Native English-speakers' judgments would
be helpful here:

1.	Instead of flowers, did John buy Mary chocolate?
2.	Instead of Sue, did John buy Mary chocolate?
3. 	Instead of flowers, what did John buy Mary.
4.	Ahead of Mary, did John finish the race?

other examples? do people know of conditions here that would determine