Meeting tomorrow, March 19th

When: 10:30 am, March 19th
Where: IRCS 402
What: Issues with our defaults. The defaults mechanism in Xtag has
several problems: 
* if a tree is assigned but is the wrong one, the defaults are not assigned 
giving a wrong parse or no parse at all.

* this situation is exacerbated due to the fact that nouns are not assigned 
trees in the syntactic lexicon.

* the interface to the tagger is defined to get the right defaults for 
particular parts of speech like nouns. (this also has implications for making 
Xtag lang. independent - a side issue)

* a related issue is defaults in the morph lookup which is currently not 
handled and defaults in the event the tagger is off or unavailable.

The question is: Is there a way to assign defaults to unknown words that will 
be easy to code up and interface to Xtag?