Lyle H. Ungar's Older Publications

Clustering and Collaborative Filtering

Demo of a recommender system by P. Labys with L.H.Ungar and F. Herz, 1998.

Clustering Methods for Collaborative Filtering L.H. Ungar and D.P. Foster, AAAI Workshop on Recommendation Systems, 1998.

A Formal Statistical Approach to Collaborative Filtering L.H. Ungar and D.P. Foster, Conference on Automated Learning and Discovery (CONALD), 1998.

Auctions and Market-based Mechanisms

Auction-driven Coordination for Plantwide Optimization R.A. Jose and L.H. Ungar, Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Operation FOCAPO, 1998.

Auctions and Optimization: Closing the Gap Caused by Discontinuities in Demands R.A. Jose, P.T. Harker and L.H. Ungar, draft manuscript, 1997.

Auctions and Optimization: Methods for Closing the Gap Caused by Non-Convexities in Preferences presented at the Third International Conference on "Computing in Economics and Finance" Stanford, California June 30 - July 2, 1997.

The Tragedy of the Commons: Pricing Social Welfare in Multiagent Systems D.C. Parkes and L.H. Ungar (1996) unpublished.

Auction-based Methods for Distributed Control R. Jose and L.H. Ungar, presented at the 1996 American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE) conference, Chicago, IL

A Market-Based Approach to Workflow Automation P.T. Harker and L.H. Ungar (1996) Proceedings of the NSF Workshop on Workflow and Process Automation in Information Systems (Athens, GA, May 8-10)

Neural Networks and Nonlinear Modeling

Prediction Intervals for Neural Networks via Nonlinear Regression R. de Veaux, J. Schumi, J. Schweinsberg, D. Shellington and L.H. Ungar, Submitted for Publication -- Draft version. (1997).

A Brief Introduction to Neural Networks R. De Veaux and L.H. Ungar, Submitted for Publication -- Draft version (1997).

Characterizing the generalization performance of model selection strategies D. Schuurmans, D.P. Foster and L.H. Ungar, presented at ML 1997

Statistical Approaches to Fault Analysis in Multivariate Process Control J.M. Vinson, R. D. de Veaux, and L.H. Ungar, American Control Conference (ACC) Proceedings (1994).

Radial Basis Function Neural Networks for Process Control L.H. Ungar, T. Johnson and R.D. de Veaux, CIMPRO Proceedings pp.357-364, (1994).

Multicollinearity: A Tale of two Non-parametric Regressions Veaux and L.H. Ungar). In Selecting Models from Data: AI and Statistics IV, (ed P.Cheeseman and R.W. Oldford), pp. 293-302. Springer-Verlag, (1994).

A Statistical Basis for Using Radial Basis Functions for Process Control L.H. Ungar and R. de Veaux, American Control Conference (ACC) Proceedings (1995).

Estimating Prediction Intervals for Artificial Neural Networks L.H. Ungar, E. Rosengarten and R. de Veaux, Ninth Yale Workshop on Adaptive and Learning Systems, (1996).

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