CIS650: XML and Web Services


Fall 2004


Susan B. Davidson:  572 Levine North, 898-3490,

Prerequisites: CIS 550 or equivalent

Textbook:  Research papers will be made available over the web, linked to the course syllabus.

Time and Location: TTh 4:30-6, Moore 212

“XML and Web services are revolutionizing the automatic management of distributed information, somewhat in the same way that HTML, Web browsers and search engines modified human access to world wide information.”  In this course, we will start by studying XML from a database perspective:  how to store XML data using relational and native storage engines, how to query it using XPath and XQuery, optimization techniques, schema design and update.  We will then consider how Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI) can be used to create active objects which provide distributed services, and will study how the combination of XML, XQuery/XPath and Web Services can be used to create a “golden triangle” for distributed information management in a P2P environment.  In particular, we will study issues such as how to program XML and Web Service applications, when to instantiate intensional data, how to specify and  match the capabilities of client applications, and how security can be handled in this environment.

The course will cover these topics using selected papers from the database research literature. The first two weeks of the course will be lectures covering background material. By the end of the second week, each student is expected to choose a paper from the detailed syllabus to present during class.  From week 3 on, each student who is not presenting is required to prepare a one-page critique of the paper being presented that day, describing the topic of the paper and listing questions, problems or issues.
Students will also be expected to choose a project topic by October 12 and to present their project to the class during the last two weeks of class.

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