Probably the first problem you're going to have when you try to compile the LaTeX homework files that Professor Gallier provides you is that you get a bunch of errors complaining about the
"\input ../adgeomcs/mac.tex" and
"\input ../adgeomcs/mathmac.tex"
lines in the code. This problem stems from a few possible sources:
  1. You didn't download the macro files from this page.
  2. You did download them, but LaTeX doesn't know where you put them.
  3. You did download them, and you changed the path of the \input command to the correct place, but it still won't work, and you have spaces in your path name (LaTeX hates spaces)
  4. Today's just not your day.

Luckily, we can fix all of these problems!

For the first, go to the webpage and download the files. Make sure that when you download them, they all have the .tex extension. I suggest making a folder called "hw1" and keeping all your files together in there. Clean and neat can't be beat!

For the second, make sure you change the input command to reflect where you put the files. If the macro files are in the same directory as the homework file that you are compiling, you SHOULD NOT NEED TO INCLUDE THE WHOLE PATH. Your input should look like this:
\input mac.tex
\input mathmac.tex
\input prooftree.tex

For the third, put the files somewhere else! LaTeX hates spaces, and sometimes wonky things can happen.

For the fourth, try eating a lemon. It'll make everything else seem easier.

Other notes: make sure you're using a LaTeX compiler, usually pdfLaTeX, and not a TeX compiler, otherwise you'll get loads of errors.
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