I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania affiliated with the Penn PLClub and advised by Steve Zdancewic. My research spans the theory and implementation of programming languages and systems. In particular, my goal is to discover ways to put the rich theories and logics developed to verify and understand software, in particular, type theory, to practical use.

Supported by the ExCAPE project, I am developing foundations for type-directed program synthesis. Program synthesis is the automatic generation of programs from specification. Types are, perhaps, the most ubiquitous form of specification, so how can we leverage type information during the synthesis process? Furthermore, can we build type-directed synthesis tools that interact gracefully and naturally with languages that feature strong type systems?

I am also heavily involved in computer science education. At Penn, I founded the CIS introductory TA training program and the CS education seminar. I currently serve as the TA coordinator for the CIS introductory series as well as the instructor for the computer science offering of the Summer Academy in Applied Science and Technology.

Prior to coming to Penn, I was a program manager at Microsoft working on the Visual C++ compiler front-end. And before that, I was an undergraduate at the University of Washington where I majored in Computer Science, Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences, and the Comparative History of Ideas.