NETS 212 Hall of Fame

  The final project in NETS212 is to build a cloud-based "Mini-Facebook" in teams of two. In previous years, Facebook has sponsored an award for the teams with the best projects; you can read more about the winners below.

In Fall 2016, there were 41 two-person teams; the winning team was:
  • Aspyn Palatnick and Zixuan Zhang
Their solution, "Memebook", was not only very well designed, it also offered a rather unusual, meme-themed user interface. (Please click on the screenshot to see more details!) A honorable mention went to the following team:
  • Sumit Shyamsukha and Hunter Lightman
This year's awards consisted of goodie-filled Facebook duffel bags. Congratulations to Aspyn, Zixuan, Sumit, and Hunter for their excellent work!

In Fall 2015, there were 36 two-person teams; the two winning teams were (in no particular order):
  • David Cao and Graham Mosley
  • Akshat Agrawal and Devesh Dayal

Both solutions had very creative user interfaces, good performance, and strong security features, as well as a variety of extra-credit features.

This year's awards consisted of Facebook backpacks or duffel bags. Congratulations to David, Graham, Akshat, and Devesh for a job well done!

In Fall 2013, there were 22 two-person teams; the two winning teams were (in no particular order):
  • Quanze Chen and Ray Lei
  • Giannina Sy and Kelly Zhou
Both teams built excellent solutions that went far beyond the requirements in the assignment, e.g., by providing sophisticated security features and privacy controls, by offering interest recommendations ("You might also like..."), or by supporting a Facebook-style "timeline". One solution had even acquired a small 'real' user base!

The awards consisted of a Facebook backpack and a T-shirt for each team member. Congratulations to both of the winning teams!

2012 In 2012, there were 21 two-person teams. The two winning teams were (in no particular order):
  • Matthew Buechler and Vishwa Patel
  • Joseph Chan and Xiao Li
Additionally, the following two teams were on my final shortlist and received honorable mentions:
  • Nathan Fraenkel and Boris Treskunov
  • Ashutosh Goel and Jeffrey Grimes
The awards consisted of one Facebook backpack for each member of the two winning teams, and Facebook T-shirts for the winners of the honorable mentions.

Congratulations to all the winning teams!

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