Ani Nenkova

University of Pennsylvania
Department of Computer and Information Science
3330 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Email: nenkova@
Tel: (215) 898-8745
Fax: (215) 898-0587

Office: Levine 505

Research interests
Text quality
Developing automated methods to measure how well-written is a text (EMNLP08), with focus on interpretable aspects of high quality writing including organization (EMNLP12), content specificity (IJCNLP11) and creative writing (TACL13).

Emotion recognition
Refining representations for analysis of vocal emotion, including identifying regions of interest that better capture expresitivity (SpC10) and speaker-sensitive ranking models (IS12); multimodal prediction of emotion (ICMI12) and quantifying the complexities arising from multimodality (ACII13).

Summarization (NM11, NM12)
Fully automatic evaluation of content selection (CL13) and linguistic quality (ACL10); quantifying the performance of automatic evaluation methods (ACL13)

Current group members
Houwei Cao (postdoc)
Kai Hong (PhD student)
Junyi (Jessy) Li (PhD student)

Former group members
Annie Louis (PhD student, currently a Newton International Fellow, University of Edinburgh)
Dmitri Bitouk (postdoc)
Priyank Desai (MS student)
Jieun Chae (MS student)
Hena Mehta (undergrad)
Emily Pitler (PhD student)
Mridhula Raghupathy (undergrad)

Tools and resources
AddDiscourse:discourse connectives tagger from our ACL'09 paper
IEval: fully automatic evaluation for summarization work described in our EMNLP'09 paper.
Accent ratio dictionaries from our work on word prominence is spoken utterances (NAACL'07). This one is derived from conversational speech and this one from read news.