Mapping Eniac Home Directory

Written by: Piyawut Tantimekabut (Toon)

    While working in the Ketterer Lab, it is recommended that you mount your eniac home directory into your computer. To do so, you need to follow these procedures carefully:
  1. Right click on the "klab" icon on the desktop, click on "Map Network Drive..." like on the following screenshot:
    Step 1
  2. You will then specify the "Folder:" to be "\\\Your_User_Name".
    Make sure that the checkbox "Reconnect at logon" does not get selected. You can then click the "Finish" button.
    Note: The IP address '' can also be specified in place of `' as the server name.
    Also, you can choose the drive letter to map your eniac home directory. In this case, the default is Z:
    Step 2
  3. By hitting "Finish" button from last step, you will see a logon screen "Connect to"
    Enter the username and password that you use to logon to your SEAS e-mail.
    Make sure that the computer does not remember your password by unchecking the "Remember my password" checkbox. Then click "OK"
    Step 3
  4. By clicking "OK" from last step. This would map your eniac home directory into you computer.
    In this case, the mapped drive is Y: drive
    Note: Be patient while mapping the eniac home directory. It may take up to a minute to finish the operation.
    Step 4
  5. After you are done with your project, you need to make sure to disconnect your eniac home directory.
    You can either restart the computer or right click on the mapped drive's icon in 'My Computer' and click "Disconnect"
    Note: This step is very important. If you leave your drive mounted, other people using this computer after you leave the lab will be able to see the entire contents of your eniac user directory including your email files. Make sure to disconnect the drive before you leave the lab.
    Step 5
    This instruction is based on CETS's Windows 2000 Eniac Mapping Instructions.