CSE 240: Tentative Fall 2004 Schedule

Assignments and readings are to be completed before the start of class on the day they appear, below. Slides are available by clicking on the lecture topic (U Penn access only).

Date Due Topic Reading Handouts
Wed, Sept 08
Course Overview
syllabus, HW1
Part I: Digital Logic
Fri, Sept 10
Introduction to Computing Systems Ch. 1
Mon, Sept 13
Bits, Data Types, and Operations Ch. 2-2.5
Wed, Sept 15
Ch. 2.6-2.7
Fri, Sept 17 HW1: Data Types Digital Logic Structures: Transistors and Gates Ch. 3-3.2 HW2
Mon, Sept 20
Digital Logic Structures: Combinational Logic Ch. 3.3
Wed, Sept 22
Digital Logic Structures: Memory Ch. 3.4-3.5 HW1 solution
Fri, Sept 24 HW2: Digital Logic Digital Logic Structures: Sequential Logic Ch. 3.6-3.7 HW3
Mon, Sept 27
Digital Logic Structures: Examples

Wed, Sept 29
Instruction Execution Model Ch. 4-4.2 HW2 solution
Fri, Oct 01 HW3: State Machines Ch. 4.3-4.5 HW4
Mon, Oct 04
LC-3: A Simple Computer Ch. 5-5.2
Wed, Oct 06
Ch. 5.3-5.4 HW3 solution
Fri, Oct 08
Ch. 5.5-5.6
Mon, Oct 11 HW4: LC-3 Programming as Problem Solving, Debugging Ch. 6
Wed, Oct 13
Review/Catch up
HW4 solution
Fri, Oct 15
Inauguration - Class Canceled

Mon, Oct 18
Midterm Exam HW 5
Part II: Assembly Programming
Wed, Oct 20
Assembly Language Ch. 7
Fri, Oct 22 Input/Output Ch. 8-8.3
Mon, Oct 25 No class - Fall break

Wed, Oct 27 HW5: Assembly Input/Output, continued Ch. 8.4-8.6
Fri, Oct 29
Traps and Subroutines Ch. 9-9.1 HW 6
Mon, Nov 01 Subroutines, continued Ch. 9.2, 14.3
Wed, Nov 03 HW6: Tetris (part 1 on Thurs) Subroutines, continued Ch. 10 HW 7
Fri, Nov 05
Subroutines, continued

Mon, Nov 08
Part III: The C Programming Language
Wed, Nov 10 Introduction to C Programming Ch. 11
Fri, Nov 12 Variables and Operators Ch. 12
Mon, Nov 15 HW7: Tetris (part 2)
Control Structures Ch. 13 HW8
Wed, Nov 17 Functions Ch. 14
Fri, Nov 19
Pointers Ch. 16-16.2
Mon, Nov 23
Arrays Ch. 16.3-16.4
Wed, Nov 25 HW8: Disassembler Insecurity: Smashing the Stack

Fri, Nov 27
No class - Thanksgiving Break

Mon, Nov 29
Data Structures in C: Structs Ch. 19-19.3 HW 9
Wed, Dec 01
Data Structures in C: Dynamic Allocation Ch. 19.4-19.6
Fri, Dec 03
Data Structures in C: Examples
Mon, Dec 06
Memory Management

Wed, Dec 08 HW9: Assembler Review/Evaluations
Fri, Dec 10
Computer Architecture

Thur, Dec 16 8:30-10:30am Final Exam (in Heilmeier Hall)