CIS 534 (Spring 2010): Multicore Programming and Architecture

Paper Reviews and Class Participation

Students are expected to have completed the assigned readings before attending class and actively participate in discussions. Students are encouraged to form groups to discuss papers before class.

To facilitate class discussions, each student must submit a review of selected papers. The reviews are individual work and due at the start of class the day of the paper discussion. Late reviews will not be accepted.

The review should be a maximum of 500 words.

A review consists of:

Your comments should be terse, insightful, and focus on the "big picture" of the paper (and not focus on small details or insignificant quibbles). There are no "right" answers, but grading with be based on the insight and depth of understanding demonstrated by the review. We're looking for comments that will contribute to the in-class discussion of the paper.

Reviews will be graded on a scale of Excellent (10 points), Satisfactory (7 points), and Unsatisfactory (3 points). Reviews that are too long will automatically receive an Unsatisfactory grade. We may grade reviews via sampling (i.e., grade all reviews but for only some of the papers) or on a "completed/non-completed" basis.

Students are encouraged to discuss the papers before writing their reviews, but each student must write their own independent review. Reading another student's review prior to submitting your own constitutes academic misconduct.

(This page based directly on David Wood's CS 758 Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture: Programming Current and Future Multicore Processors review assignments.)