Paper Discussion Questions Instructions

As I mentioned on the first day of class, in order to encourage reading, thinking about, and discussing the assigned papers, I'm asking you to meet as a group to discuss the paper and briefly answer a few questions. Each group should have 3-4 members, and each student can be in your group at most once (so you'll need to form new groups each time).

The responses are due by "last thing" on the day before we'll discuss the paper (which gives me some time to look over your answers in the morning before class). Turn in the review by sending a plain-text e-mail (no html or attachments, please) to and carbon copy (CC) all of your group members. Your responses will be graded with a "Check Plus/Excellent", a "Check/Satisfactory", or "Check Minus/Unsatisfactory".

Again, the goal of these questions is to get you reading, thinking about, and discussing the paper. Your answers should be short but insightful. For most questions, a single paragraph will suffice.