Paper Discussion Questions Instructions

As I mentioned on the first day of class, in order to encourage reading, thinking about, and discussing the assigned papers, I'm asking you to meet as a group to discuss the paper and briefly answer a few questions. Each group should have 3-4 members, and each student can be in your group at most once (so you'll need to form new groups each time).

The responses are due by 10:00am on the day we'll discuss the paper (which gives me some time to look over your answers before class). Turn in the review by sending a plain-text e-mail (no html or attachments, please) to and carbon copy (CC) all of your group members. Your responses will be graded with a "Check Plus/Excellent" (10 points), a "Check/Satisfactory" (7 points), or "Check Minus/Unsatisfactory" (3 points).

Again, the goal of these questions is to get you reading, thinking about, and discussing the paper. Your answers should be short but insightful. For most questions, a single paragraph will suffice.