CSE121 Applets from the Textbook
Spring 2003, David Matuszek

The following applets are from Data Structures & Algorithms in Java (2nd Edition) by Robert Lafore. You can (and should) download them to your own computer from http://www.samspublishing.com/content/images/0672324539/downloads/FinalApplets.ZIP. They are temporarily mirrored here for times when you are on campus and do not have your own computer available.

Example code in this textbook can be downloaded from http://www.samspublishing.com/content/images/0672324539/downloads/ReaderPrograms.ZIP

Note: If you are running MacOS X, the applet controls may not all fit in the applet window, due to the extra-large Aqua buttons. Using any text editor, open the .html file and increase the width of the applet window.

To use the applets: You will see the message Press any button in the applet. Choose an operation, and press the appropriate button for your choice. Press the same button repeatedly to step through the operation (some of them take several steps) until the message Press any button reappears. If you don't finish some operations ("delete" in particular), you may leave the data structure in an unstable state, and the applet will not work correctly until you create a brand new data structure.

Chapter 1 -- Overview

  (No applets)

Chapter 2 -- Arrays

  1. Array
  2. OrderedArray

Chapter 3 -- Simple Sorting

  1. Bubble
  2. Insertion
  3. Selection

Chapter 4 -- Stacks and Queues

  1. Stack
  2. Queue
  3. PriorityQ

Chapter 5 -- Linked Lists

  1. LinkList

Chapter 6 -- Recursion

  1. Towers
  2. mergeSort

Chapter 7 -- Advanced Sorting

  1. shellSort
  2. partition
  3. quickSort1
  4. quickSort2

Chapter 8 -- Binary Trees

  1. Tree

Chapter 9 -- Red-black Trees

  1. RBTree

Chapter 10 -- 2-3-4 Trees

  1. Tree234

Chapter 11 -- Hash Tables

  1. Hash
  2. HashDouble
  3. HashChain

Chapter 12 -- Heaps

  1. Heap

Chapter 13 -- Graphs

  1. GraphN
  2. GraphD

Chapter 14 -- Weighted Graphs

  1. GraphW
  2. GraphDW