CIT 594 Assignment 3: Suggestions for Recursive Drawings
CIT 594, Spring 2007

In the assignment I said:

The general technique is to write a method that takes these parameters:

  • The Graphics element on which to draw (optional--could be a global).
  • The x, y location at which to begin drawing. Although most graphics methods (such as drawRect) use x and y as the top left corner of the thing being drawn, you will find it more convenient to use these as the center of the figure you are drawing.
  • Some measure of the size of the drawing, such as the length of a side.
  • A counter to control the depth of the recursion (optional--can use size instead).

Additional points:

These are not intended as additional requirements. If you get an interesting pattern (probably accidentally!) by violating some of these, feel free to keep it.