CIT 594: About preliminary grades
Spring 2002, David Matuszek

I have posted preliminary grades for CIT 594 on Blackboard. These grades are preliminary--they are based on assignments 1 through 7 and quizzes 1 through 4, plus a small number of extra credit points. We still have two quizzes and two or three programming assignments to go.

I think I have caught up with all ungraded assignments and regraded assignments. If you think you see an error, please e-mail me with Grade in the Subject: line.

As stated at the beginning of this course, the grade is based 50% on programming assignments, and 50% on quizzes. If you have earned non-program-related points (probably by contributing to the Forté FAQ), those points have been added to your total quiz score--this is where they will do you the most good.

I will drop your lowest quiz score when computing your final grade. The preliminary grade includes all quiz scores so far. In my experience, this typically affects only maybe one or two people in a class this size.

Grades so far have been very high--congratulations to a great class! I do expect the average grade to drop a bit, as the end of the semester comes and some people fail to get all their assignments done.

How to interpret the grades:

I have posted grades with plusses and minuses (A+, A, A-, B+, etc.) for all students. Some students, depending on the program you are in, can only get simple letter grades (A, B, C, D, F). This isn't easy for me to figure out until I get the 4 or 5 different grade sheets to fill out, so I haven't made that distinction. If I think you have a B+ and your final grade turns out to be a B, this may be the reason.

If you have a minus grade, that means you are in some danger of dropping to the next lower letter (for example, if you have an A-, you could drop to a B+). If you can only be given a simple letter grade, this could mean the difference between an A and a B. Just to be safe, you should work harder.

If you have a plus grade (other than A+), that means you are close to getting the next higher letter grade. You should work harder.

If you have a simple letter grade, you should work harder in order to keep up with everyone else. (Do you see a pattern here?)

Seriously, if you complete all remaining assignments, your final grade will almost certainly be very close to the preliminary grade. Most students do complete all assignments, so missing a single assignment could drop you as much as a full letter grade, such as from A to B.