CIT 591 Assignment 7: Draw a Picture
Fall 2014, David Matuszek

Purposes of this assignment

General idea of the assignment

Using Processing, draw a picture.

This is a solo assignment. You won't have a partner this time.


Your program should be at least 50 lines long. This restriction is for those of you who would like to do the absolute minimum of work; I expect most drawings will be quite a bit longer.

Your program should have no moving parts. That's for a later assignment.

Sign your picture (near the bottom right), using the text method.

For our convenience, give your program a distinctive name (not something like "picture" or "drawing.")

I would like to post your pictures. If you object to having your picture posted, please say so in a readme.txt file included with your submission.


All the usual. Variables should be given meaningful names. Use spaces around binary operators. Use proper indentation (unlike Python, Java doesn't care about indentation, but I do.) Use comments (//) to separate parts of your program.

We haven't talked about methods yet, so you probably won't use them. (You can if you want to.) But just as methods should be kept short, blocks of your code should be kept short, separated by comments to say what you are doing next.


Your program should work, and should produce the same result as the picture you include with your submission (or similar, if you used random values). Otherwise, pay attention to style; your program should be clear and easy to read.

You won't be graded on artistic ability, but we reserve the right to add or subtract a few points for extreme cases.

Due date

Zip and submit your program and a snapshot (such as a .gif or .png) of your drawing. For processing, your "program" will consist of a folder/directory containing a .pde file, a file, and possibly some other things. Zip the folder along with a snapshot of your program. If you have something to tell me (such as, don't post your picture), also include a readme.txt file.

Turn your assignment in to Canvas before 6am Friday, October 24.