CIT 590/591 Assignment 9: Githug
Fall 2012, David Matuszek

Purposes of this assignment

General idea of the assignment


Githug is a Ruby program. Therefore, you need to install Ruby.

There is a specific "package manager" (installer) for Ruby programs, called Gem.


If you need more detailed instructions, see Installing Git external link.

Detailed specification

  1. Read the pdf (if you haven't already) and go through Githug.
  2. Create a free github account.
  3. Once you have reached the final round of Githug, log in to your git account and fork the assignment repo.
  4. Before 6am Tuesday, November 13, send a pull request to the class repo to have your changes added to the class repo. You should add the following to the course repo:

Due dates

Due dates are as specified above. Assignment submission is via github pull request, as detailed above.

Late policy: Once submissions have been graded, no further submissions will be accepted.