591 Partner Evaluation Form -- 08 Eliza
Fall 2009, David Matuszek

Please read:

This evaluation form actually has two purposes:

My name is

For the Eliza assignment,

Please use both first and last names, and capitalize names normally.
If you had no partner on this assignment, please skip the rest of the questions.

I am asking for the following information only to help me better assign partners next time. It will not affect anyone's grade.

I felt my partner:

Compared to my partner, I felt that:

This section is to help me evaluate your partner's teamwork skills. It is possible that your evaluation, combined with others, may affect your partner's final course grade; it will not affect yours.

How strongly do you agree with each of the following statements?

My partner did little or nothing on the assignment; I had to do it all.

My partner took over, and left me with little or nothing to do.

My partner left everything until the last minute, making it difficult to combine our work.

My partner did his/her best to work with me on this project.

My partner helped me with things I didn't understand.

My partner checked over the part that I wrote, and asked questions or made suggestions.

I was happy with the way my partner and I worked together..

Comments (Optional):

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