Version 2 of Rabbit Hunt
CIT 591, David Matuszek, Fall 2001

New version:

New features:



Turn in your file via Blackboard by Noon, October 31. Do not supply any additional files; is the only file you are responsible for. We will supply the rest.

We will run your program at least 100 times, using some version of Grader (not necessarily the exact version that you have). Your grade on the program will be the percentage of times that the rabbit escapes, plus some points for good style.

Style points will be computed this way. Perfect style is worth 20 points; you will get one point less for each style error that I find in your program, down to zero points. If you make the same style error in several places, you will lose several points for it. For this assignment, "perfect style" is defined by Rule 1. It would be a good idea to read through Sections 1 through 5 of the style book in order to see the kinds of things that may be counted.