CIS 554 Graphviz
Fall 2013, David Matuszek

Purposes of this assignment


Download GraphViz from and unzip it.

Make a directed graph in which the nodes represent graduate-level CIS and CIT courses, and the directed edges indicate prerequisites. Ignore any courses not within this set; if it's not CIS or CIT, it doesn't exist. Use the data from

To indicate courses which you have taken (including CIS 554), fill the nodes with a background color. If there are additional courses you plan to take, fill those nodes with a different color.

Put your name on the graph, with no border around it, and no links to other nodes.

Save your result as a .png file.

Anything not clearly specified is up to you.

This is intended as a short assignment, and a very plain graph is fine. If you find Graphviz to be interesting, feel free to get as fancy as you like.

Due date

6am Wednesday, December 11 . Zip up two files, your source code and the .png that it creates, and submit via Canvas. This assignment will be worth 25 points, not the usual 100 points.