Dear Everybody,

A certain Charles C--no wait, that's too obvious--let's call him C.
Chambers, has suggested to me that, building on our previous outing, we
make MCIT night at the Nodding Head a regular event. For those who are
interested, we are starting this Sunday.

Now, here's the tricky part: Around 8 or so on Sunday evenings, Nodding
Head hosts a round of "quiz-o". The team that comes in first place gets a
$40 gift certificate, while second place lands $25. Being as we are a bunch
of geeks, if we can get enough people to field two teams, we ought to stand
a good chance of winning both prizes, thus garnering enough prize money to
make it a cheap night out. So, in addition to your set theory and
algorithms, please start studying your pop trivia. And as an added
incentive, anybody who shows up this Sunday ready to quiz-o can partake of
the fabulous $25 gift certificate we won the last time out.

Once again, Nodding Head is located in center city at 1516 Sansom Street,
on the second floor. Let's say 7:30 this Sunday, so we have half an hour
to, uh, lubricate our intellects before the game starts.

See you there,


P.S. We'd like to get the second year students involved too, so if you know
any, please pass the word.