The tradition continues…

Dear newbie (and oldie) MCIT students: as we did last year, we’d like to have an informal get-together for all students in the program to get to know each other.So, if you can make it, we’re meeting up this Sunday evening, at 7:30:

  The Nodding Head Pub and Brewery, 1516 Sansom Street (between 15th and 16th, but you knew that), Center City.

If you have any questions/problems finding the place, my cell number is 267-738-5787. Or, before Sunday, e-mail me at

FYI, the Nodding Head is a cool pub with homemade beer, and games of quizzo, but they also have good food, so if you’re not the drinking type please don’t be shy.

In the interest of tradition, I will again be wearing my one and only “Penn Engineering” shirt, so that people will be able to find each other (Warning: this has been my jogging shirt for the past year. I highly suggest keeping a distance of at least 10 feet from me at all times during this event).

Hope to see you all on Sunday.