Penn Logic and Computation Seminar 1997-1998

The logic and computation group is composed of faculty and graduate students from the computer and information science, mathematics, and philosophy departments, and participates in the Institute for Research in the Cognitive Sciences.

The logic and computation group runs a weekly seminar. The seminar meets regularly during the school year on Mondays at 4:30 p.m. in room 4C8 of the David Rittenhouse Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania. Any changes to this schedule will be specifically noted. The seminar is open to the public and all are welcome. Directions to DRL can be found here.

Upcoming Talks

No talks are currently scheduled for the summer.

Previous Talks

September 8: Patrick D. Lincoln (SRI International), Mechanical Analysis of a Time-Triggered Group Membership Protocol
September 29: Andre Scedrov (University of Pennsylvania), Hofmann's mixed modal/linear typed lambda calculus and polynomial time
October 6: Rajeev Alur (University of Pennsylvania), Symbolic analysis of hybrid systems
October 20: Peter Homeier (University of Pennsylvania), Proving the Termination of Mutually Recursive Procedures
October 27: Michael Makkai (McGill University), Higher dimensional categories: a logician's view
October 30: Benjamin C. Pierce (Indiana University), Local type inference
November 10: Jon Riecke (Lucent Technologies) The Secure Lambda Calculus: Programming with Integrity and Secrecy
November 17: Tevfik Bultan (University of Maryland) Symbolic model-checking systems with unbounded integer variables
December 1: Carl Gunter (University of Pennsylvania), A Reference Model for Requirements and Specifications
December 8: John Hannan and Patrick Hicks (Pennsylvania State University), Higher-Order UnCurrying
February 9: David MacQueen (Lucent Technologies), SML '97 and Beyond
March 30: Funda Ergun (University of Pennsylvania), Testing of Approximate Correctness of Programs
April 6: Peter Freyd (University of Pennsylvania) Shifting Foundations
April 13: Val Tannen (University of Pennsylvania) A Calculus for Collections and Aggregates
April 27: Samson Abramsky, Concurrent Games and Full Completeness
May 4: Iliano Cervesato, Proof-Theoretic Foundation of Compilation in Logic Programming Languages

Seminars from previous years

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