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  Recent Acheivements

Nov 18, 2001, SuperComputing 2002, The collaboration between University of Pennsylvania, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Pittsburgh Super Computing Center successfully demonstarted 3D Tele-immersion at SC2002 in Baltimore, MD. PSC's terascale machine Lemieux was used for stereo reconstruction of 2D images acquired from an array of 40 cameras. These were sent over Abilene to PSC and the 3d stream was sent back to Baltimore for stereo rendering.

A few landmarks goals were met during this demonstration. Penn now has a large camera array of 60 cameras. These cameras are set in quadruples of three black and white cameras and one color camera. There are fifteen such quadruples. More details are given under system description here.

Penn's camera acquisition array was used to acquire images using the MUSIC Video Server. The images were sent to Pittsburgh using a Gigabit link over Abilenbe to the Pittsburgh SuperComputing Center. 1200 processors were used to perform realtime stereo reconstruction. The reconstructed data was sent to the rendering system back at Baltimore where the data could be viewed in immersive stereo. The bandwidth utilization is shown below (courtesy SCinet). Technical details will be available soon.


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