CIS 160, Fall, 2009

10 homework assignments (40%) (Best 8 out of 10),
Mini Project (20%),
1 Midterm (10%),
Final (30%)

Homework assignments

I will give 10 homework assigments. Only the best 8 out of 10 will count.


You will find below two files of Latex macros mac(.tex) and mathmac(.tex),
as well as the Latex source for the assignments.

Tentative schedule:

Mini Project

Out: November 17, 2009; Due: December 8, 2009.
This project must be done INDIVIDUALLY
(pdf)   |  (Latex file)


Tentative schedule:


Topics for The Final

  1. Chapter 1, except Sections 1.8 and 1.11
  2. Chapter 2, except Sections 2.5 and 2.11
  3. Chapter 3, except Section 3.6.

Review Sessions, Problem Sessions, Solutions

Written solutions for all homework problems, the midterms, and the final, will be provided. I will hold review sessions before the two midterms and the final exam. I may also hold a few problem sessions to discuss the solutions of the homework.

It is forbidden to use solutions of problems posted on the internet. If you use resources other than the textbook (or the recommended textbooks) or the class notes, you must cite these references.

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